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Street Fighter will play on Friday 2/15, Saturday 2/16, and Sunday 2/17.



Finding My Match

Search for your IGN at anytime to find where you're playing next. 


丸いラベルが含まれているWAVEの開始時間はあなたのステーションを示しますす。 常に現地のJST時間です。

Understanding Round Labels

Round labels indicate the start times for the included waves, which is when to report to your station. Please keep in mind that all times are local JST time.

ストリートファイターVは、この大規模なダブルエリミネーショントーナメントでEVO Japanに。

Street Fighter V returns to EVO Japan in this massive, double-elimination tournament.


  • バージョン:PlayStation 4版「ストリートファイターV アーケードエディション」(大会開催時の最新バージョン)
  • ゲーム設定:99秒、2ラウンド先取設定のVS MODEによる2試合先取制。
  • トップ8以降は3試合先取制。
  • ステージは「RANDOM」にて決定。ただし、「The Grid」「Kanzuki Beach」「Skies of Honor」が選択された場合は、再度選択することとします。
  • レガシーコントローラは使用不可。









Prohibited matter:

Target character: Blanca

The first frame of [Dynamic Rolling] is canceled by [Surprise Forward] or [Surprise Back], and only allows Blanca to act during this time.

At this event it is prohibited to use the glitch generated by the above procedure.

  • The user violating this rule disqualifies the match and is ejected from the entire tournament.
  • It is not to prohibit the use of the Blanca and the use by the technique individually.

We will only prohibit actions in the applicable procedure.


Official Rules

  • Version: PlayStation 4 version "Street Fighter V Arcade Edition"
  • Game setting: 2 seconds preliminary game with VS MODE of 2 round pre-emption setting for 99 seconds.
  • From the top 8 onwards, three games are preempted.
  • The stage is decided at "RANDOM". However, if "The Grid" "Kanzuki Beach" "Skies of Honor" is selected, we will select again.
  • Legacy controllers can not be used.

Финальные результаты

Победитель: Momochi
Достойный противник: CYG BST | Fuudo
Возможно в другой раз: Powe11

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